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Offering transformative coaching enhanced by ages old equine principles that can reveal and enhance personal growth and development

Leah Goldman is a Certified Professional Coach who utilizes nature based and equine principles to help clients move forward in their lives by breaking through barriers, uncovering old narratives, and finding clarity to lead a life of fulfillment and purpose.

About Leah

By allowing and encouraging a non-traditional experience away from our own persona and towards a non-judgmental perspective the authenticities of our existence are revealed. Once this shift takes place, real and lasting change can begin. 

Often the most significant impediment to change is our own bias, expectations, and presumptions.



Jacqueline —
Physical Therapist, Ipswich

The connection between the human and the horse brings a sort of clarity to the mind and body and something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. I started as a skeptic and have finished as a true believer that going to see Leah was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

There is a sort of magic that takes place during Equine coaching that words cannot describe.


Gianna —
Small Business Owner

As if the beauty of the surrounding nature wasn’t enough, Saint is a soulful animal who truly allows you to tune into yourself and open up. I walked away from my session feeling more connected to myself and totally clearer on what I needed to move through my current dilemma.

Working with Leah and Saint is the change of pace you didn’t know you needed.


Lisa —

I came to new insights and understandings about myself and others that had not been revealed in much of the prior personal growth and healing work I had done. Through the support of coaching I am entering a new phase of my life with more clarity, balance, ease and purpose.

Equine coaching with Leah and Saint has been a pivotal experience in my growth process.


Feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Have a hard time setting boundaries? Can’t get out of your own way or see your blind spots in why you can’t move forward in life? No matter what area of your like you’re feeling stuck, coaching is at the core of what we do. 

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