Fika Coaching

By deciphering the signals that horses send and trusting in their authenticity, human patterns and narratives are revealed, all without agenda or deception and free of personal bias or influence. This reveal is where the challenging work can begin and what Fika Coaching does best.

By trusting in our undeniable and ancient relationship that we have with horses, solutions can reveal themselves. Horses posses no deception or guile; at the same time, as animals of prey, horses must be tuned in and connected to their surroundings in order to survive. Constant receivers of information, their wild and natural instinct is in play when a person enters the proximity of a horse; they will ‘read’ that person and respond, even in the most subtle and understated ways.

Why Equine Principles?

Fika Coaching utilizes carefully selected horses that are sensitive to human emotion. During sessions, simple horse training techniques are taught and practiced. No horseback riding is allowed. It’s essential for clients to engage our horses on the ground, eye-to-eye and toe to hoof. No experience with horses is required, and sessions are for adults only (18+). Each sessions is customized, prioritizing our client’s comfort levels and meeting them exactly where they are. 

We listen to our clients and decipher equine signals that impact and validate the clients lives and begins the process of transformative development. 

If you are not a local client, Leah builds in principles of an equine herd that help speak to your challenges. Leah has worked with clients all over the country and Europe. 

On farm experiences are located at a beautiful private farm in Ipswich, MA about 45 minutes north of Boston.

Where to find us

Leah Goldman is a Professional Certified Coach who specializes in the areas of personal growth and transformation both with and without horses. Always a lover of animals, she began riding and caring for horses at age six and has over 30 years of equine experience. It was her first dog Boots and a connection with a horse named Finleigh who became the inspirations behind Fika Coaching. 


Leah Goldman

Meet The Team

ELI-MP - Energy Leadership Index Assessment Master Practitioner 

Certificate of Completion: Animals and Human Health, Denver University: Institute for Human - Animal Connection

CPC - Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

B.A. Psychology, Emmanuel College

ECC - EQUUS Certified Coach

EECF - EQUUS Experience Certified Facilitator - Equus Inspired

PCC - Professional Certified Coach - International Coach Federation (ICF)

M.A. School Guidance Counseling 5-12, Lesley University

M.A. Clinical Mental Health, Lesley University


Through her own work with horses Leah has cultivated my own version of what it means to fika, and wanted to share that experience with others.

While Leah has always had a passion for helping others, it was through her own self healing journey that this business was born. She found support and strength through the guidance of other professionals, but the real healing came from spending time with animals and being in nature.

Leah’s background with horses as well as her career as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Marketing Director in the Health and Wellness industry and her time as a Fitness Instructor all led her to becoming a coach. It was the combination of these paths that led to Fika Coaching. Her passion to help others through the partnership of horses while creating authentic and deep relationships with every one of her clients is what drives Leah on a daily basis.

To take a fika break is to give yourself an opportunity to pause or slow down, learn to appreciate the good things in life, and to enjoy the company of others and build stronger relationships.

When choosing a name for her business, Leah wanted something that represented her Swedish heritage. Fika in Sweden is a daily ritual where people break from work for coffee and cake, but it was the message underneath this cultural ritual that inspired her. 

Saint came to Leah in May of 2020 is our primary equine partner. In his early 20’s and standing at 16.1 hands tall, he is an Oldenburg Warmblood, a breed that comes from the north-western corner of Lower Saxony, Germany. We know that Saint has spent time as a mounted police horse, and spent many years as a lesson horse and competition horse. Aptly named, Saint has become a barn favorite because of his kind and gentle demeanor. 


Hazelnut, or Hazel for short is a Bernese Mountain Dog who hails from Canada. She is very food motivated, bright, and her drive to work has already revealed itself. Hazel has begun her obedience training and will eventually be part of the therapeutic team. For now she enjoys treats, naps, chewing, playing, and walks on the beach or in the woods. 

In training


Boots was born in Maine and raised in Boston’s North End. Along with Finleigh, Boots was the inspiration behind Fika Coaching. She helped Leah get through many challenging times and taught her valuable lessons about resiliency, unconditional love and what it means to have a true best friend. A calm, gentle, and loving dog, Boots was a certified therapy dog and spent time volunteering at elementary school libraries, giving children who struggled with reading opportunities to practice and helping to increase their confidence. She brought joy to people of all ages and will always be remembered for her gentle and loving demeanor.

Over the Rainbow Bridge


Fika coaching offers a variety of options depending on your location and desired level of self-exploration.

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