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Private Coaching

Starting at $1800

3 or 6 month option with 2 calls per month 

Weekly Voxer access

Accountability check ins

Recommended processes to enhance your learning outside of sessions

Custom Journal and additional boons to enhance your journey

Option to travel for a Signature Equine Experience or private retreat

Signature Private Coaching Includes

we specialize in guiding business leaders, founders, CEOs, and lifelong learners on their journey of transformative leadership and self-discovery. Utilizing a unique blend of equine coaching and holistic practices, we offer the clarity, emotional resilience, and self-mastery tools essential for effective leadership in both personal and professional spheres. Our mission is to create a safe and trusting environment where vulnerability is redefined as a leadership strength, facilitating authentic connections and transformative growth.

At Fika Coaching, we empower CEOs, founders, team leaders, and life long learners to unlock their full potential.

The EQUUS Experience®

Starting at $597

Through partnership with horses and masterful facilitation, The EQUUS Experience® inspires breakthrough learning in a joyful, powerful, and sustainable way.

The process takes place on site at our farm location in Amesbury, MA and is a stand alone two-hour and four-hour program.


Workshops provide a one-and-done approach however, most tend to return or take up our Signature Coaching. Our Signature Equine Experience is custom designed to your challenges and goals. Journaling or other recommended processes are encouraged so clients leave with lasting insights and perspectives.

The EQUUS Experience® is an award-winning personal and leadership development process that changes organizations, and transforms individuals, families, leaders, and teams.

Equine Workshop
or Retreat

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The power of non-verbal communication, influencing without authority, how we show up and how it impacts others, bringing intention and focus to the moment and recognizing, embracing, and leveraging strengths in an individual, as well as a team. The insights learned in these sessions invigorate and empower participants and their companies.

Company coaching has become an instant success at Fika. It reveals so many workplace intangibles;

Energy Leadership
Index Assessment

90 Minute Session | $300

What separates ELI from other assessments is that it takes personal conditions into account. Meaning how an individual engages a scenario when that individual is stressed or compromised is assessed as well. It’s one thing to quantify personality traits when circumstances are indifferent or calm, quite another when an individual is stressed - which is exactly when it matters. The assessment measures how involved or engaged you are in your roles and tasks on the job and at home. It measures your potential leadership ability by your level of consciousness -your awareness about who you are and what life is.

Personality assessments like Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram and others are well known and have their own advantages and applications, but the Energy Leadership Index, or ELI is relatively new.



Jacqueline —
Physical Therapist, Ipswich

The connection between the human and the horse brings a sort of clarity to the mind and body and something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. I started as a skeptic and have finished as a true believer that going to see Leah was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

There is a sort of magic that takes place during Equine coaching that words cannot describe.


Gianna —
Small Business Owner

As if the beauty of the surrounding nature wasn’t enough, Saint is a soulful animal who truly allows you to tune into yourself and open up. I walked away from my session feeling more connected to myself and totally clearer on what I needed to move through my current dilemma.

Working with Leah and Saint is the change of pace you didn’t know you needed.


Lisa —

I came to new insights and understandings about myself and others that had not been revealed in much of the prior personal growth and healing work I had done. Through the support of coaching I am entering a new phase of my life with more clarity, balance, ease and purpose.

Equine coaching with Leah and Saint has been a pivotal experience in my growth process.


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Your Next Steps

Fika Equine retreats are quickly becoming our most popular offering simply because they are so immersive. Equine Retreats are a unique opportunity for your families, friends, or organizations to come together for optimal learning and self-discovery.

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