Retreats can be customized for your group or organization at Harlov Farm in Amesbury, Massachusetts or at our partnering learning and discovery campus EQUUS in Santa Fe, New Mexico 

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The rhythms and cadence of farm life are entirely different from the daily norm that most of us have become accustomed to. Offering this type of farm setting to detach into provides a ‘clean slate’ in discovering authenticity, clarity, and understanding of our decision- making process. By tapping into the calm yet critical sensory interpretations that horses utilize, reflections into our own personal approach begin to reveal themselves. This reveal occurs through exercises, activities, and introspection as each retreat member works with their personalized horse partner. 

Fika Equine retreats are quickly becoming our most popular offering simply because they are so immersive.

Each retreat is completely customizable, from single-day to multi-day offerings. Our participants; feedback is that the two-day option is the perfect balance of time spent and immersive impact. The retreat customization can also focus on particular issues; leadership, trust, vulnerability, communication, and clarity are common themes.

Approximate costs is dependent on the amount of participants, time, and specific requests or requirements. Contact us to begin your custom-designed retreat and receive more details.

Equine Retreats are a unique opportunity for your families, friends, or organizations to come together for optimal learning and self-discovery.



Gianna —
Small Business Owner

The location for sessions is an incredible oasis that makes you feel instantly at ease. I walked away from my session feeling more connected to myself and totally clearer on what I needed to move through my current dilemma.


Gloria —

With Leah’s guidance, support and wisdom I was able to open doors I didn’t know were there, clear obstacles in my path that were holding me back and feel the freedom and peace I had been searching for my entire life.


Lisa —

I came to new insights and understandings about myself and others that had not been revealed in much of the prior personal growth and healing work I had done. I highly recommend working with Leah and the horses.


Harlov Farm is a beautiful equine facility located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Approximately 45 minutes north of Boston. 

Buffalo Spirit Ranch is EQUUS’s exquisite 11-acre Experiential Discovery and Learning Campus. Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Buffalo Spirit Ranch is a premiere location seated on sacred ground where the original land’s caretakers are still honored today. Extreme care of the land, animals and facility is maintained and the highest standards of quality and beauty are held. 

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You wish to connect more with your team

Wish to find new learnings and gain new clarity through nature

Desire a different way of leadership

Gain more communication within team members 

Business & Organization retreats are for you if:

Desire to explore the self and connect deeply through the power of animals and nature

Desire to find clarity on your life’s meaning and purpose

Feel ungrounded and wish for more clarity, peace, and joy in your life

Have things you want to let go of, but aren’t sure how

Second guess yourself, experience imposter syndrome or have self-doubt

Feel disconnected from yourself and important relationships in your life

Personal Retreats are for you if you: