The EQUUS Experience®

Through partnership with horses and masterful facilitation, The EQUUS Experience® inspires breakthrough learning in a joyful, powerful, and sustainable way.

The process takes place on site at our farm location in Amesbury, MA and is a stand alone two-hour and four-hour program.

The EQUUS Experience® is an award-winning personal and leadership development process that changes organizations, and transforms individuals, families, leaders, and teams.

The EQUUS Experience® works with the confluence of neuroscience, attachment theory, radical self-inquiry and equine behavioral sciences to create breakthrough learning experiences that literally rewire participants brains towards wellness, fulfillment, confidence and courage. This results in peoples’ lives changing, whether it be within the context of their work or their personal life. Clients report that they feel greater awareness, increased trust in themselves and others, a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and clearer direction informed by wisdom.

What are some of the benefits of The EQUUS Experience®?

Some of the things we explore:

The art of regulating stress in yourself and others

How to attune to others

Creating healthier relationships

Tapping into intuition and creativity

The power of intention

How to inspire others

Accessing wisdom to inform your actions

Connection to your authentic self and your purpose


Mindfulness and presence

Creating conditions for thriving

Trust in ones self and others

Leadership and right use of power

Within the The EQUUS Experience® we look to 56 Million Years of Wisdom and 5 synergistic core pillars held masterfully with the imperatives of care and presence, modeled by the equine herd.

The 5 Pillars
for thriving

All of our work is based in the rigorous science of horse behavioral science. We do not anthropomorphize them, nor project stories upon them. Our horses are diligently engaged daily through riding and groundwork that inspires them to be free-thinking, respectful, partnering and opinionated. Not every horse makes a good Fika horse. We enlist horses that are spirited, special, keen to engage with people, and equipped to be robust and opinionated partners in facilitation.

Are the horses really engaging, or is this just our imagination?

As horses are animals of prey they have acute sensitivity to all influences around them. They mirror these influences in very specific and direct ways. This makes them trustworthy reflections of what is really at work underneath the story we might tell ourselves, or the qualities about ourselves that may be hidden.

Why do you work with horses to teach people about themselves?

You do not have to have any horse experience and no riding is involved. This is not about the horse; it is about the individual person, group or team, and what they want to learn.

Do I have to have horse experience if I’m taking part in the program?

Are you interested in having your own EQUUS Experience®?

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